Who we are ?

Small and big site, we love them.Every site manager is different. Every company has its story. The story of French-telephone-directory.fr, a rare thing, is addressed to more than 5 million leaders of small and large companies. The time of the “big bosses”, only to be bardés of advisers and other consultants, is gone. We created French-telephone-directory.fr so that the creators and managers of small structures are also well supported, with adapted rates, services and practical advice that meet their objectives.

In 2007, we created an information portal for TPE executives. We thought we had to respond to a real demand for information from all these creators and entrepreneurs. At the time, it was a small snowball shaped by hand, like our craftsmen and business owners.

Our objective ?
With each question of the leader, to trigger a reactive answer, adapted and especially of proximity…

Our strong points ?
• Our responsiveness: your campaign and ads appear in one hour, telephone meeting with a consultant within 48 hours and first results in 7 days
• Our network of partners: local councilors throughout the territory
• The quality of our partners: selected, trained, equipped, experienced and close to your goals.

Our dream ?
That every leader of France has the “reflex www.French-telephone-dyrectory.fr” to create, to develop, to straighten, to structure … in short, to make live his company and to collate new customers.Finally, every business is like a snowball. Since 2014 www.French-telephone-dyrectory.fr has drawn a beautiful route. And it’s not over with a site in French, a site in English and an American …

Haegeman Alain, Responsible for the publication