The American Hospital of Paris announces action plan with focus on renowned medical excellence and French appeal

The American Hospital of Paris (AHP) has announced its strategy for the next five years. Its goal is to earn recognition as one of Europe’s top five international hospitals by 2022 and become a mainstay of France’s attractiveness in terms of medical care. Professor Robert Sigal, at the helm of the AHP since last March, recently presented his new management team, made up of eminent figures from the medical world. Today, he is moving forward with a complete overhaul of the hospital.

The 2018-2022 core strategy, centered on the medical excellence of the AHP and its teams, will focus on four areas:

1- The excellence of staff, medical practices and treatments, including:

– Distinguished doctors accredited by a process unique to France and Europe known as credentialing. The AHP is a pioneer in France with regard to the credentialing of its doctors. This extremely demanding process was introduced several years ago to evaluate doctors’ professional qualifications and competencies, in order to validate their credentials within the hospital. Doctors are initially evaluated during the recruitment stage, and then every two years. Credentialing is used to define a doctor’s fields of practice through specific assignments, for instance surgery specializing in the upper limbs, spine or lower limbs.

– Highly experienced and available nursing staff.  The AHP boasts one of the highest nurse-to-patient ratios in France – 1 to 5 – meaning our nursing staff are readily available to patients. In addition, stable and loyal teams foster medical care excellence from both a technical and human perspective.

– Maximum quality and safety of care, guaranteed by the AHP’s full accreditation by the Joint Commission in the US, and by its certification by the Haute Autorité de Santé in France. The Joint Commission scrupulously inspects compliance with 1,800 criteria in areas including patient pathway safety, medication management and building safety. The AHP obtained full accreditation in July 2017, making it the only establishment in the world outside the United States to have earned this label.

– Innovative technologies and techniques from the United States, unprecedented in France. In keeping with its history of innovation, the AHP was one of the first hospitals to offer screening for the three main trisomies (chromosomes 21, 13 and 18) using a simple maternal blood draw, and pioneered the radiofrequency treatment of thyroid adenomas. The AHP also blazed trails in France by creating a Check-Up Center in 1991, exclusively dedicated to prevention and screening.

2- The best patient experience, in which:

– A senior attending physician, assigned and available 24/7,  defines the care pathway and centralizes patient information throughout the hospital stay;

– A health coordinator  welcomes patients when they arrive and provides assistance throughout the care pathway, before and after hospitalization and no longer exclusively on site;

– Excellence is maintained and reinforced in our non-medical services, which also contribute to the hospital’s renown and include prestigious patient amenities.

3- A healthcare partner extending beyond medical treatment to include prevention and follow-up, providing:

–  Comprehensive, personalized healthcare covering all stages of illness:  prevention, diagnosis, treatment and follow-up;

– An approach to preventive medicine unique in Europe, exclusively dedicated to detecting and rectifying risk factors;

– Screening for disease;

– Personalized on-site and remote patient monitoring, through the Internet and connected objects;

– An enhanced offering of medical and therapeutic options: psychologist, dermatologist, pain specialist, nutritionist, plastic surgeon, physical therapy, acupuncture, osteopathy and esthetic treatments.

4- Unique expertise in treating international patients:

Foreign patients from more than 110 countries account for 28 percent of all patients hospitalized at the AHP. This longstanding and recognized expertise will be further developed by:

– Expanding international teams to match patients’ cultural diversity (Japan, Arab-speaking countries, China, Russia, French-speaking Africa). The teams will assist with tasks such as obtaining a visa for medical purposes, finding accommodations in France and getting to and from the hospital, among others;

– Adapting medical communications to the patient  (language and culture, with dedicated teams of multilingual translators and nursing staff);

– Guaranteeing confidentiality  Guaranteeing confidentiality

“This strong ambition for the American Hospital of Paris, which is shared by all of its Governors, executive managers, doctors and personnel, will lead to the hospital’s recognition as a ‘Premium Hospital’. Our obsession going forward will be to promote France’s qualities abroad and offer French patients the best in French and American medicine,” , said Professor Sigal during his presentation of the strategy.

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